World autism day

I decided to write a poem to celebrate world autism day.

A is for awareness which is slowly increasing with a more nuanced understanding of what it is to be autistic

U is for utility. We can be extraordinarily useful but this also means we can be taken advantage of through our desire to please ;(

T is for trust. We believe the best in people so trust easily. Please do not let us down.

I is for initiative. We don’t have a great deal of this if any but don’t be fooled into thinking this makes us unwilling. It’s quite the opposite once we understand what is required.

S is for socialising. Another thing that doesn’t come naturally to us but that doesn’t mean we are incapable. We just do it in a way that seems illogical and foreign just like your way is for us.

M is for maturity. We may come across as immature in some areas and very mature in others but if you respect both we will be the best people you have ever come across.

I tried to write a simpler post than usual as I’m not good at that usually. I tend to start simple if I only have half an idea but by the time it is fully formed; it has become complex.

What issues do you struggle with at the moment?

Best wishes


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