This Thing We Call Time

A very good post exploring the ideas of time management in different cultures.

Beyond Bounds

Have you ever questioned, for instance, why are we so caught up with time?Why do we feel like we’re always running out of it? Why do some days feel like forever, while others end in theblink of an eye?Why do we always hear”time is money”and what does it really mean?

Time Before Clocks

Can you imagine what the world would belike without clocks? How would you be able to tell what time it is?We haven’t always been reliant on mechanical clocks astheywere created in the late thirteenth century. Before that, people used different forms of telling timesuch as sundials, candles, and hourglasses. But of course, ourmodern-dayclocks are the most accurate because they are not calculated based on earth’s motion, rather, on the oscillations of atoms in a metal called cesium. But why are clocks so important?

Perception of Time

Time is certainly not anatural nor aconcrete thing. We construct time…

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