Motivation, creativity and inspiration.

Instead of always chasing your tale trying to find your creative juices why not just start writing. You will often find that you have in fact quite a lot to talk about and the words will spill out of you like a fountain. I often feel like this when writing. It may not be very beneficial to you immediately but due to the ability to schedule posts; you can write to your hearts content and release them slowly one at a time so you still have a constant stream of material coming out. You are not however constantly fighting to find topics to write on.

On one of the emails I’m subscribed to, (location independence) it talks about overcoming the buffalo. By this they mean huge tasks that are so bewildering that you can’t possibly fathom how to attack them. At least this is my understanding of it and if you participate in their program they will give you the details of where there clients have tackled there own “buffaloes”.

I don’t think you need a guru to be able to complete location independence or to write a successful blog but you do need help, support, guidance and some education as to the best ways to do things for that particular market. The world is forever changing so we naturally want to take shortcuts to success. These people and programs allow us to struggle less and feel more fulfilled which are what we are after but don’t think after completing them you can stop working as it doesn’t work like that. You have to continue learning your craft and improving your business.

Use your unique voice to make something that only you could and it will be a success. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get famous, make lots of money or change the world in a drastic way. You will have improved yourself and you will feel better for having committed to something. You are what matters in the grand scheme of things. Nothing else. Yes this sounds a little arrogant but self love is important for if you are not in a good place yourself, you cannot help anyone else.

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  1. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    i agree


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