This is an idea that I have been researching this year as many people draw comfort this and it has such an incredible force on the outcome of wars, society and just the general shaping of entire populations that it is worthy of intense study. While there may not be a supernatural being above us controlling our lives in some way, you cant deny the impact they have had on the shape of our buildings, diet, culture and literally everything that has come to define us as a race of beings.

I was fascinated when I went to the Vatican as its such an astonishing building and to think that this was almost 5 years ago shows you the effect that it had on myself. There really is no building anything like it in the Christian World. The only thing that I can think of that is perhaps like it; is the Taj Mahal in India which is a mauseuluem. Agia Sofia while originally created as a church is now a mosque.

This shows that the only force capable of standing up to ‘divine love’ is the love of another person, your soulmate. This I believe is the purpose of religion. To make the best version of ourselves for we need a purpose and a reason to create such magnificient works of art and belief in an amnipotent being helps us to do that. Its almost irrelevant to prove whether they exist or not as they are an extension of us. so therefore they both exist and do not exist for it its only a concept created by our minds to help us understand the complexity that is the universe. We are not put on earth to do god’s bidding for he is us and we are him. This is why God is so hard to pin down in a representational form and in Islam it is forbidden to have any depiction of him whatsoever hence the fabulous forms that adorn all mosques and the focus on calligraphy as that shows how a person should behave. Of course over the centuries all religious texts are changed beyond recognition so people come to believe things far removed from the original ideas that were inshrined in the books that populations have come to venerate. This change has spawned many a war; even iconaclasm which is when groups of people destroyed the religious icongraphy as it was lavish and demonstrated that the church had lost its piety.

Recently after watching many shows over the winter educating me about the history of Christianity, Judasim, Islam and even Sikism with a sprinkling of Hindiusm, I went to a Greek Orthodox church service. I didn’t understand about 90% of it as it was in medieval Koine Greek but it was incredible that I could pick out the Lords prayer as it was given special emphasis and then read in English but also that the small congregation would cross themselves and bow their heads in recognition of each section. There was even a lady next to me frequently glancing at her Greek bible!

I liked the fact that in the midst of all the media hype about Harry and Megan’s wedding which I totally did not care about, I found an oasis of calm and it was like meditating. I understood words like father, love, wisdom for these are ever present terms that will never stop being relevent so that acted like signposts to gather the rest of the incoherent speech around me.

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