Time management

I have always had issues with this because I get easily distracted as so many things interest me and I want to do them all but there never seems time to and generally by the time there is, I have moved on to some new interest. So I am endeavouring at the moment to improve my time keeping abilities while I’m relaxed and have lots of time off.

An idea that has been mentioned by a couple of people recently is the pomodoro technique technique. I thought that was an odd name as it means tomato but it actually relates to a cooking timer and these are quite often shaped that way. Its about increasing your productivity by being realistic about how long a task takes with the ability to be as flexible as you need your schedule to be. It is quite a simple idea in execution but the best, most useful tips always are. Getting rid of distractions and protecting your time allows you to focus more completely at the task in hand and therefore complete it to the best of your ability. By looking at your work in this way it allows you to improve by noticing where you are currently having difficulties and to eliminate them if possible or to minimize the disturbance they cause if they can’t be completely eradicated.

There was a famous German mathematician who once said that he only did about 2 hours worth of work during the day. One was before lunch and the other after. The rest of the time he devoted to walks around his city and to thinking about what ever came into his mind as it helped him to think in an abstract manner. I believe it was Leonard Euler who came up with the solution to the Konigsberg bridge problem

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