As I have got older I have spent increasing amounts of time watching TV and movies. I like geeky, scientific shows that are quite frequently also detective shows. They are unfortunately mainly American in nature which is rather irritating as I have to wait for them to be shown on Sky. At least I have that even though I would love to have a connection reliable enough for me to have Netflix. Perhaps its good I don’t because I would never get anything done.

Besides since watching most of the stuff Hollywood produces, I got into classic movies and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Gone with the Wind having previously watched Casablanca and of course the Sound of Music. I never got round to watching Ben Hur even though I have a copy as it takes intense concentration to sit there for the incredible length that there on and you just want them to be over. They are incredible though and worthy of there classic status.

I then started watching 80’s movies as there is so many I had never heard of like the Last Comic book hero with Arnold Swarznegger and Labrinth with David Bowie. There only occasionally on TV and I will eventually get around to watching Twins.

Due to the difficulty and talking to various people I have also started getting interested in foreign language movies as I will be able to appreciate them especially due to the fact that I’m very interested in learning languages and this is a good way to progress relatively easily so I have bought myself Angel-a and I have been looking into Lars Von Trier.

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