Marvel comic book heroes

I think the mind of Stan Lee is fascinating to come up with all these diverse character like Jessica Jones, Ant and Aquaman, League of Justice, Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the more well known Super and Batman/girl and Wonder woman.

I love the fact we are now in an area where its acceptable even lauded that a person is a geek and that intelligence, attention to details and analysis of facts and a situation are more important than amazing feats of strength, muscles and good looks.

We are also entering an era of female empowerment finally and we can consume things that don’t appeal to all, only to some. The media content is also getting darker and more realistic to reflect the fact that modern life is very complex and it can’t be glossed over as has previously been done so in print, online and in video.

I think its a shame that in the UK we haven’t had that much exposure to Stan Lee bar his cameo in every single movie of his and the odd mention in TV shows like the Big Bang Theory. I think we need a greater appreciation of such a magnificent comic genius.



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