Autistic novelists

Since we can have such brilliant imaginations, we read a lot and have a lot of time on our hands generally, that gives us all the hall marks of a good writer. It also allows us to do what we want, when we want which is always good. I had a terrible imagination as a child and hated to write stories more than anything. I was in my own world but not a lot happened as I hadn’t experienced that much yet. Now I’m older it’s a little better but the stories are still rather formulaic even if they are based on real life. I do like combining a bit of this and a bit of that though to make something new.

Temple Grandin books are instrumental in getting people to understand what it is like to have the condition and how to cope if you or a loved one has it. It also shows how far we have come but also how far we have still to go.
Daniel tamnet writes about he own very different experience being mathematically minded but also in the UK with epilepsy and a fantastic head for languages. This is a very unusual book as can explain about himself and not many men have the social skills to be able to do that.
The reason I jump is written by a Japanese child (naoki higashida) which yet again shows that each person on the spectrum occupies there own little slot. They have things in common and things they do not  just like everybody else in the world that doesn’t have aspergers. It is just another facet of there personality.

There is a long list of authors and there books here.

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