American technology

The amount of adverts on US TV really annoyed me and I quickly got bored of trying to watch a program as I’m sure there were more adverts than actual programme. Also everybody has iphones and ipads. I saw an advert for the samsung note 4 but nobody seemed to have any other phone or tablet. It was quite strange as it’s a fairly equal split in the UK. I know why 50 shades of grey did so well over here. Not only was it valentines day on the 14th, it was presidents day on the 16th which is a holiday for government workers and school children. This long weekend means that a lot of people have time off and have short breaks to the mountains hence the traffic but they deal with -15c, snow and wind like a normal day not like in the UK where everything would grind to a halt. It’s a dry cold though so oddly nowhere near as cold as our wet cold, (or I’m wearing better clothing as I lived in thermals under my normal clothes).

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