Skiing – insanity or joyful winter pursuit

It is interesting that man has decided that he likes to traverse snowy slopes for exercise and just because he can. What possessed the first to think this was a good idea? Skiing on my first attempt was very painful because I fell on my arse and trapped my little finger underneath me so it broke. I then got some bad medical advice that said as long as you can still move it will be fine. Wrong! I had to dope myself up on pills and strap it to the next finger as any slight movement was excruciatingly painful. As it later turned out I had broken it but since it was 3 weeks later it had already started to heel so they could re-break it to make it straight but I could lose movement. So now I have a bent finger but it does fit better in my ski glove as there made like that.

Now on my second attempt at learning to ski I’m much better at it, have an astro turf kind of slope with is a lot softer than the spiky criss-cross stuff and a better instructor that takes time to make sure I’ve understood what he has taught me. It also helps its one to one so nobody else to look out for and they can spot errors that I have like being extremely right hand/leg dominant which means I have a tendency to go to the left. After 2 crashes I learnt how to get up after a fall and the slope drop technique to ensure that I could straight up before I started shushing down the slope. I got the hang of the button lift as its a quicker method of ascending that side stepping constantly. I can snow plough too which is good as controlling your speed is very important on a slope as gravity doesn’t take any prisoners. Next stop is learning how to turn. Hopefully my next lesson will be on Friday and possibly with Al at Bowles outdoor activity centre near Tunbridge Wells.

Colorado here I come!

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