The Brighton Craft Beer Scene

My husband has recently returned from a trip to staying at his brothers flat for work purposes. In his spare time they went to various drinking establishments to find out good places to hold business lunches for discerning clients. On one of their trips they came across the craft beer company. They have a very good selection of ales from all over the world most notably the US and Scandinavia. This is quite a big chain of outlets but as usual there nearest ones are in London. Must be because traditional english hops are still quite established in Kent possibly due to the power of Shepherd Neame in our area. I was looking up online about this and found a newspaper article by the Guardian about the top 10 places to drink craft beer. Were going to slowly complete them to check. We have already been to the Evening Star and will return to the Craft Beer Company so that I can sample their wares too.

There lots of other top 10 craft beer articles but in cities I haven’t been to like Bristol,



and Glasgow

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