The pill

I have been reading a very interesting article in the guardian

today about the affects of the contraceptive pill on women in general. Now most women are on this from their teens until they get married and then they go on a different kind to help them through the menopause. This can have quite devastating effects in the transitional periods both starting and finishing. Some even have them during their usage which is why they stop using them and there is so many different brands and type out there as surely one is right for you. What nobody stop to think of is the havoc this causes to women both emotionally and physically. Women are the stronger species with what you have to go through on an average cycle. Any women who has had difficulty trying to conceive will know of the constant worry and turmoil that goes through your mind of is this month the one that has worked, when should I inform people, change my diet etc. Synthetic hormones are nice if they regulate your cycle and even better if you dont have periods for the duration your using it but when you stop using it, BAM! Your normal cycle returns with vengeance and you’re wondering WHY?!?

As the article states “we are often given 2 choices contraception or pregnancy”. What if you didn’t want either? It also reminds us that “in science, just like in life, female hormones are seen as a hindrance”. This is most certainly true and all you need to do to prove it is look as our business sector or even just watch the Apprentice on TV. Women don’t always want to make the choice of job or children and quite often want both but its too much to have job, children and husband if he works too. Men quite often do not do housework etc. Yes attitudes are changing but its a glacial process.

The ideas that are brought up about how the hormones are skewing our mate selection are extremely critical. I think it was relevant in my case. The libido certainly was. I have anxiety and panic attacks due to my aspergers anyway. I think I’m prone to depression too.

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