New Autumn TV

As the weather has been turning inclement as it is want to do at this time of year I have been safe inside watching lots of TV. I have Sky so have been checking out Dominion, Forever, Scorpion, the Flash and new Big Bang Theory and Defiance. These are pretty much all American TV shows as the only English ones I have been watching is the inevitable X Factor, news and Countryfile. Yes there has been new Dr Who but I stopped watching it a while ago.

Also to add into the mix Intelligence, XIII and I need to catch up on Arrow since it has now crossed over to the Flash and I expect there may be other cross overs. I plan to catch back up with Marvel Agents after I have watched the superhero movies as thats why I stopped. I’m quite have about the rise of the geek and there interest in the sci/fantasy genre in general. I’m not a fan of vampires though so I skip all of those related programmes/movies/books. Also I’m not into S and M so will not be reading 50 shades of grey or watching it when it turns into a movie.

I do need to hurry up and finish reading Game of thrones before the new season comes out and I also need to do that for Hunger Games and the Divergent series. Same for Maze Runner. Enders Game is another I need to get as that movie was awesome! Last Lord of the Rings this year too.

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