The Beer Seller, craft beer shop, Tunbridge Wells

Today I visited a craft beer shop in Tunbridge Wells called the beer seller . This is a small shop slightly away from the main town. It therefore is only a place you go to if you know about it despite having floor to ceiling windows to advertise the stock. It’s very tastefully done as there is no fluorescent stickers or lights. There is no discounts or loyalty cards available and the prices are quite expensive but sometimes there in 500ml bottles and from far flung places like New Zealand. The guy I assume is the owner also has local beers for sale like Kernel and has cider too. It never gets very busy in there so you will have all the time in the world to decide on whether you want Christmas, Belgian or today’s choice Norwegian beer. The tags that hang around the beers to aid choice could do with a little bit more description and I think the guy who works there doesn’t actually drink beer as he doesn’t say anything even if you point out that his current NZ beer is past its best before date by 4 months. The stock seems quite consistent on the 2 occasions I have visited as there is a good amount of alcohol available but not too much as light damage may come into account here. There are no cans but he does sell Brewdog Punk IPA as he has both old and new design bottles. He has Dead Pony Club too. I think by the selection of pales, ipas and Belgians that is what he prefers if anything. There are some porters though like Nognes award winning one. There are no other drinks alcoholic or non nor or any food. I found it by looking up craft beer shops in Kent so I don’t think word of mouth really exists for this shop. Turn over can not be very high as I have never seen anyone in it or even talk about it but it is a niche market that is just starting to get mainstream.
The Nogne IPA was very much a us beer in style which is exactly how it should be with the American Pacific Coast hops that were used to brew it with. It didn’t disappoint and is a well brewed beer but is not really my kind of thing, more my husbands but I wanted to try a new brewery and country! I should have paid for the porter but I can have it another day.
I didn’t try any of the Kernel India porter but I know what that tastes like and that it is good.

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