Possible UKIP win in Canterbury didn’t happen

This is very interesting. I can see why it would happen here as it’s heavily populated with students and there still around in may. If elections took place just 2 months later you would probably never see a shift from the conservatives because the incumbent population wouldn’t vote for anybody else.

Canterbury journal

Canterbury set to be one of UKIPs
battleground seats for the next general election.

UKIPs recent success in the May European elections
and the defections of Douglas Carswell and Mark
Reckless from the Conservative party have seen
UKIP becoming a major contender.

Canterbury being a traditional Conservative safe seat, UKIP is splitting up the vote.
The UKIP parliamentary candidate for Canterbury,
Jim Gascoyne said: “people feel that the main three parties no longer represent them but UKIP does.”

With membership continuing to rise and with more and more
votes leaving the main three parties. And the possibility of two elected MPs
at Westminster, UKIP seem to be gathering momentum.

Jim Gascoyne said: “if the wind blows the way it is we can take it.”

A recent YouGov poll puts UKIP on 25% ahead of the Conservatives
who are polling around 23%. Which is very different for the run
up to…

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