Basics: What is beer made of?

Sometimes it is good to go back to basics especially for those like myself that hope to home brew one day.

On Tap Diaries

There are plenty of theories on how and where beer was invented. But everybody agrees in something: it was discovered by chance while cavemen were collecting barley and putting it in jars. One day it started raining and water was collected inside those jars. There was wild yeast in the air that started fermenting the liquid in the jars, and the first cup of beer was generated. According to some people, this event took place 6000 years before Christ.

Ever since then, beer became a vital part of human life. During the Egyptian Empire, for instance, this drink was the wage of the workers that were hired to build the pyramids. It was not only considered a drink, but also a nutritious food because of the sugars that were not found in other products. At that time, beer had around a 3% ABV.

Beer has always been with human beings…

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