Autumn 2014 Colorado beer

My husband recently returned from hunting deer in the us where he harvested a mule deer but was not able to bring it back because he had to wait for it to be tested. So instead he brought back some beer, some of which is available here but more expensive and others which are not, at least I haven’t seen them. So we have slowly been drinking them and there quite nice. Some of which like the Hercules ipa from Great Divide were not really my thing and others like a Stone stout which I haven’t tried yet and a Dog Fish Head 90 minute ipa which I did try could of done with being a fresher but there out of state beers. I don’t think dog fish would be my pint of beer anyway. I think it was strange though that the 2 most popular beers at least according to word press blogs belonging to American beer enthusiasts, Stone and Dog Fish Head, were the least fresh. Maybe they would care to weigh in on what they thought were the best colorado beers were since that was were he was staying.
I also had the Evil Twin Yin and Yang in one bottle which is a black ipa or an ipa and a stout mixed plus the molotov cocktail. Now in UK at least when I saw them they were about £5.50 a bottle. In the us they were about $3. So a Yin and a Yang separately would cost you £11 and I got to drink it for $3. Bargain of the century. I however think that since I didn’t get to try them separately that would have been nice and based on the bottle I thought that the Yang or stout would have been better than the Yin or ipa. The Molotov Cocktail tells you a confusing bunch of waffle on the label about ‘before, during and after Christmas’. What has that got to with a beer that tastes of clementine jelly to me?
The best stout I had so far was also one of the freshest and was Yeti by Great Divide. This is a stout and is very tasty. I will compare to Victory’s Storm King as that is also a nice beer. I’ve had it in the UK and there is a bottle from the us to see if there is any difference. There is in fact quite a difference between the UK version and the us version. The us is harsher with a lot greater bitterness and not much of the softer, more mellow flavours that I actually enjoyed. So in conclusion I prefer the Yeti over the Storm King but I’m afraid if I got the Yeti in the UK it wouldn’t taste of anything as an English Storm King is closer to an American Yeti in taste.
The best ipa I had was a Odell Mycenary. This is made with hops that are very high in the essential oil. This was hoppy, spicy, floral and a bit citrusy.
He took over a Mikkeller Brunch Weasel thinking that it would either not be available or be very expensive. Turns out it costs about the same there as it does here about £9 or $10. For those that don’t know this is a coffee ipa that is made with civet coffee. This is very expensive because it comes from the poo of the civet which is like a cat, weasel etc. The civet only eats the ripest berries so you get really good quality coffee despite the process sounding like something you would only consume if you were stranded on a desert island. It is actually a really nice beer despite its price tag. We have one of those too for later consumation.
We also had a Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast beer which is a normal coffee ipa but after the Brunch Weasel it doesn’t stack up. It is however a cheaper, more regular option if your into your coffee ipas which occasionally I am.
There is still a Compass ipa to drink as well as the aforementioned Stone. The Stone is in a massive bottle though. There is also a Shake beer which is apparently very chocolaty and good for ice cream (We left it too long and therefore it lost its distinctive taste) although sam thought the Yeti might be better based on taste as he had both in the us. This was how he chose what to bring back for further analysis to me. I took a picture of the beer sam brought over to remember before it was drunk because otherwise I would forget and not be able to review it.
Would I buy any of these beers if they were available in the UK, yes but only the Yeti and the Mycenary.

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