I had a holiday recently to Lincolnshire and to Yorkshire to see friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a while. I had a very nice meal at I believe was the Crown Inn in Surfleet.  It was a rib eye steak and it came with an astonishing variety of vegetables. It was like a roast dinner. I was unable to finish even with Shelley’s help although she had her own meal too. There are pics of this but on Facebook unfortunately. I also went to the cinema in Boston which was very cheap as it was an independent and saw teenage ninja mutant Turtles who were heroes in a half shell and I left feeling turtle power was here to stay for a while. Cowabunga! We had a ladies day at Springfields outlet shopping mall where I got some new pavers boots and we walked round the festival gardens. Pics of that too online. I also got to catch up on this year’s X factor which I hadn’t seen all year yet. Last item was meeting Shelley’s friends at bowling and later on karaoke which is much better than Run of the Mill in Canterbury even without the prizes.
Next was staying with my nan and we dined at Drakes fish and chip shop, Gravely’s seafood restaurant in Harrogate, Wetherspoons in Knaresborough also called the Crown Inn and Morrisons cafe at Starbeck. They were all very nice and good value for money with pic available except Morrisons. The shopping we did was good but the meal was terrible. The liver and peas was nice but the mash was only lukewarm as was the gravy. The bacon was rock hard on both meals. My burger was overcooked and to add insult to injury there was a half hour wait for the food and half the menu was unavailable. It was good I was there to help my nan otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to manage. The staff were only collecting plates after you had left so you couldn’t even complain to them. They never checked to see whether our food was good and they never gave us a token so the guy delivering our meal hadn’t a clue who it belonged to. We will not be returning there especially since they order in there pies and omelette.  There not freshly made on the premises. It left a unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth.

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