Film reviews

Recently I went to see guardians of the galaxy at the cinema. Yes I’m rather late since it came out on august 22nd but I wanted to avoid hordes of students. Unfortunately even though I went all the way to Westwood cross and paid for a vip seat at a matinee the cinema was still full of german students. It’s a hilarious movie though and if your about my age 30 you will get the in jokes and pop culture references especially if you are a geek who spends all of there life involved in media and the net. I want to see Lucy but it’s always on so late and my husband won’t like it. I also wanted to see dawn of the planet of the apes but that must have been rubbish as that stopped being shown ages ago. I also plan on seeing the box trolls. It’s cheap at local independent cinemas so although I have an odeon and they had the 40% off deal there hasn’t been anything I have wanted to watch when there was available time. Turtles could be quite good, not sure about Paddington hopefully that’s not as bad as fantastic Mr Fox which was terrible. We also have the latest marvel movies, maze runner the latest teen dystopia and the latest installment of the hunger games being mocking Jay part 1. Of course talking of series I could not forget the bound to be epic conclusion to Lord of the rings. I also wanted to see the start of another teen trilogy divergent but didn’t manage too as they were before the offer and too expensive. The movie companies are certainly like getting there monies worth out of books and the cinema going public. So lots of good movies coming out soon as usual for this time of year. Shame I don’t have any money to see any of them with mas I spent it all on a wardrobe update as my old clothes went to charity. At least I will miss such gems as the tetris and bay watch movies when they come out.

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