Women without children

The social norm is to have children but I have met some women recently that don’t have any for one reason or another. Now these women are full of life and are very joyful. A lot more than mothers and grandmothers tend to be as there weary and not so youthful anymore at least in spirit. The women without offspring don’t appear to be lacking in any way. Maybe there just good at hiding their pain if there is any. They do still work as there not quite at retirement age. I just thought that this is a thing that is not discussed often that it is possible go be a woman and go through life without having children. Maybe there is a reproductive issue as there was for at least 2 couples I know or maybe they just didn’t want any. Not all women feel maternal and some of them have pets, nieces and nephews or there too interested in their work. All the couples that I know that are childless are married and have been for a long time. They have relatives with children so its not like that there heartless but sometimes the economic situation doesn’t lend itself to the extra strain the children bring. Some marriages collapse after the children turn up as they were following a social norm but they didn’t really want children or it was an accident. So having children is not the thing you must do after going through school, getting a job, a car, a house, marriage. I must say I have only done the schooling, the house after a long time and the marriage at roughly the same time. The children part has never really been me and nature knew that so is not giving me any. I know this is a very controversial subject but sometimes we need to discuss the taboo subjects to properly understand them and to show that other paths are possible. In Japan they are going overboard though by not having relationships or even sex anymore. Its all virtual for them.

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