Technology – Not always helpful.

I am continually surprised at the time it takes to correct mistakes that have created by a machine. Technology is supposed to make things easier not more difficult. The sky planner will continue to record a programme on series link until it a runs out of space or b you stop it. I came across this in January as my sky planner had gone mad recording star trek enterprise as it didn’t know the difference between series but also didn’t know the difference between it ending and starting again. The most recent nuisance I have come across is ebay and PayPal taking money out of an account that didn’t have enough funds in it letting me go overdrawn with an a overdraft so I was charged. It then proceeded to allow 5 further transactions to increase the amount that I owed Barclays. All this freedom that electronic services have with our money is a bad idea. That’s why although contactless cards sound a good idea I think in reality they are a very bad idea because of the security concerns. I have thought about getting one but I’m not going to do that even though my mum is quite happy with hers. She uses it in the real world only so no virtual complications. 
Direct debits should not be able to take money out of your account if it doesn’t exist, unfortunately paypal needs this to work so I’m screwed. Good thing I don’t have credit cards otherwise I really would be up the creek.

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