Warm vs cold beer

Some beer is better warm and others cold. This has always been the way of things. However if your unconventional like myself you will find yourself wanting to enjoy stouts in summer. This presents certain problems as its not the right temperature to properly enjoy them as either they or you need to be cold for them to be refreshing. However, you don’t normally drink a stout for refreshment purposes. Therefore I suggest drinking stouts anyway to see how they stand up to the different environment. Weird beard Dark hopelfler, sadako, siren Caribbean chocolate cake, shattered dreams, odell lugene, all good cold. However if you try the evil twin christmas eve in a new york hotel room cold while being good it will not be as good as when its in its proper environment. At least this what I have been told so I’m going to try it again in about 6 weeks although it will not be available then 😦 I also had the cowboy smoked pilsner. This was a new style I decided to try and I had that cold too. Way too cold it turns out as I couldn’t really taste anything which was disappointing as that is another highly rated beer. I will try again later but I was also coming down with something so that affected my taste and smell.
As to beers that you should drink cold I’d say all pale, amber, ipas, the lighter belgians and lager if that is your thing.
So having a pub serve you warm beer is not always a bad thing but room temperature is usually fine but on a wall that is shared with the kitchen no. I’m looking at you quex barn with your bath water warm beer and terrible service. Yes you have craft beer and wonderful food cooked well but drinks and waitresses let the side down. Your drinks were so bad my dad drank water with his dinner!

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